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Here is the list of application available from MReunion. Don't forget to Donate! it meant a lot for us.

Note : If you having trouble downloading the apk, make sure that your device didn't use a wifi password protected connection.


Version 0.9.25 is now available

If you're having problem with the update, try to uninstall and reinstall the apps.

Update 0.9.25

- Update Gapeka to 19 April 2017

- Add dynamic filtering for train schedule

Update 0.9.23

Update GAPEKA 4 April 2017. 

Bugfix for busway searching from nearby map
A big change for Busway. Add all the alternative route from 2A to 9C. Now you can see the route without have to search it first. Rework the busway search dialog. Replace the old engine with the new one, it still a work in progress, but it's better now. 
Fix favorite to work again. 
Enjoy :)
Update 0.9.19

- First update in 2017, we introduce our New Engine. It's still in progress but reusable now. You can use it when searching busway, just tick "use new engine" check box and compare the result with the old one. We'll be improving it gradually until it ready to be our main engine.

- Bugfix for NPE when changing to Landscape Mode in main menu
- Update angkot route for T01-T26

Update 0.9.18

  • Add Transjakarta Cares in Busway
  • Toogle between 2 zoom state in maps
  • Bugfix for inconsistent color in Angkot circle
  • Show main and reverse route in Angkot
  • Draw better route for angkot, aptb and feeder
  • Remove inactive route : Bianglala AC 143, 76 and Patas AC 29
  • Update Kopaja 502 route

Update 0.9.17

  • Update APTB data
  • Update train data with tangerang - duri changes
  • Shows new KRL fee (increased by 1.000)
  • Implement search for angkot

Update 0.9.16

  • New Tabbed Angkot Layout
  • Fix missing angkot route (Kopaja 19 and others)

Update 0.9.15

  • Tanjung priok schedule update
  • Angke station enabled

Update 0.9.11

Transjakarta Feeder Route and Map. It's not perfect but it's a complete set. Help us to make it better.

Update 0.9.10

New layout for transjakarta, and a more detailed transjakarta for new public transport user

Update 0.9.9

  • Add tanjung priok schedule (KRL 18 Des 2015)
  • Fix Train Favorite problem
  • Add delete all menu in favorite

New FB Page


Update komutta to version 0.9.8:
  • Add search capability in busway & train map for better navigation
  • No more support for android 2.3.3, the lowest version will be android 3.0
  • Use material design in Angkot, add color code for angkot number picker
  • Update favourite with material design
  • Filter Angkot location picker using the selected vehicle type
  • Add APTB type in angkot search
  • Merge Busway, Train, Taxi and Angkot to a single Jakarta DB ;)

Update 0.9.6

  • Add Grogol, Tanah Tinggi and Taman Kota stations
  • Bugfix train fare not showing in schedule
  • Update Express call center number


Update 0.9.5

  • Color Coding and Train Filter in Map
  • Internal train db refactoring
Update 0.9.4
  • UI Tweak Select shelter is now far better than the old one
  • Filter busway map by corridor
  • Add missing corridor 8A shelters (non searchable)
  • Use different color for near by train & busway
  • temporary remove train position
  • internal busway db refactoring
Update 0.9.2
  • Busway database update (partial). Fix many routes.
  • Add Kota harapan indah shelter
  • Shows koridor info (BlokM - Kota) in select shelter
  • Shows true koridor color in all route map
  • IAP: Can find near by shelter easily

Update 0.8.31

  • Gapeka Update 15 maret 2015


Update 0.8.30

  • Gapeka update 14 Jan 2015


Update 0.8.29

  • Update to Lollipop Icons
  • Show favorites
  • Gapeka update 3 Jan 2015
  • Using Lollipop SDK
  • Update to GMap for Android v2

Update 0.8.27

  • Fix multiple icon bug. If updating doesn't remove the icon, please uninstall and reinstall the apps
  • Fix for close in live train position


Update 0.8.23

  • Revisi Gapeka di 3 juni 2014

Update 0.8.22

  • New Gapeka for 1 Jun 2014
  • APTB & BKTB Route in Bus menu

Update 0.8.17

  • minor gapeka changes in 9 oct for serpong line

Update 0.8.16

  • New train schedule based on sept GAPEKA
  • Change some APTB number according to feedback
  • Add DAMRI schedule in BUS info

Update 0.8.15

  • Bugfix for new Angkot Data not showing in some devices.

Update 0.8.14

  • Add map for angkot route (not smooth). 
  • Remove Ekonomi Train
  • We're still waiting for PT.KCJ to release the official schedule for August.

Update 0.8.13

  • New fare engine with subsidied price

Update 0.8.12

  • A better fix for live train position force closed when server changes
  • Add APTB Route, just search APTB in Number Field in Bus Menu
  • Add Taxi Number for White Horse
  • Add Kopaja AC S602 route
  • Add metromini 80 & 82 route
  • Add train track info when available in live train position

 Update 0.8.11

  • A better fare engine (v2). Calculate the price with the shortest distance.
  • Add "after" filter for train schedule. So you only see the schedule after that hour.
  • Update the train info with the new fare rule


Update 0.8.10 :

  • Bugfix for changed schedule not showing
  • Bugfix wrong station when picking live train position
  • Add menu to see live train position from train schedule menu

Update 0.8.9

  • Sort train station name when picking live train position
  • Add external Camera for Transjakarta Koridor 4-5-6
  • Prepare for progressive ticket fare in june, you can see how much you would pay for your destination



 Update Komutta 0.8.8

  • Update train schedule changes in April 7, 2013. 
  • Improve train heading filter
  • Fix live train position detail, not working because of the InfoKA server again
  • Change reload time to 10, 20, 30 second, 1 , 3 minute  
  • Add progress wheel in live train position detail to show reload time progress


Update 0.8.7

  • New schedule for Train Schedule changes in April 1, 2013

Update 0.8.6

  • The feature that must not be named :) 

-- in colaboration with Adityo Ananta and bayu wicaksono


Version 0.6.6 is now available

Update 0.6.6

  • Add More TV Stream
  • Fix ANTV and Metro TV dead channel
  • Use borderless button for User Channel
  • Fix Jasa Marga User Channel  

Update 0.6.5

  • Add jasa marga user channel cctv for mudik lebaran travelers
  • Rewrite notification. Add progress bar and other info so user will have better understanding about the sync process.
  • Fix error when closing the app before finishing sync.
  • Fix dead schedule
  • Update Adobe Flash auto installer to

Update 0.6.0

  • update dead channels
  • Make HLS as the first option, relegate flash to the last
  • Using youtube API for user channel with source from youtube
  • Update Adobe Flash auto installer to, no more settings


Update 0.5.4:

  • Remove B Channel, update some dead channel
  • Fix Indovision schedule that the channel name has been changed
  • Better layout for Landscape mode. If the ads on landscape bother you too much. Just tap it, and go back. 
  • Sort indovision channel listing alphabetically 

Update 0.5.3:

  • Update some dead channel
  • Add new HLS channel for ANTV, GlobalTV, Indosiar, KompasTV, O Channel, RCTI, SCTV, SindoTV, Trans7 and TransTV
  • Fix list bug in user channel if the content is larger than the screen
  • Add RCTI, SCTV, Indosiar Schedule
  • MetroTV, TV One, B Channel and Trans 7 schedule must be activated manually from the settings 



 Update 0.5.2:

  • Auto Flash Installer for ICS phone (must enabled it on settings)
  • Show more button shortcut for indovision schedule
  • Fix Siaran langsung schedule
  • Fix dead stream for MetroTV, SCTV, Indosiar, Berita Satu
  • Clean user channel, start new one
  • Multiple alarm implementation


Version 0.6.0 is now available

Update Komposatron 0.6.0 :

  • Replace old color picker with new Holo Color Picker
  • You can edit / copy & paste the hex code in Holo Color picker to get your color
  • Add 4 custom color button. So the user can store their own custom color there

Update Komposatron 0.5.0 :

  • Capitalize first letter when typing
  • Added new Autotext
  • Add the ability to create and save custom Autotext
  • Showing persistent notification after reboot
  • Add the ability to create signature
  • Implement encrypt and decrypt
  • Added caesar chipper, morse translator, vigenere chipper to the encrption engine


Version 0.8.2 is now available

 0.8.2 Update :

  • add default image for hotel
  • fix SMS Interval

0.8.1 Update :
Added Vote feature for voting komodo as the new 7 world wonder. On the main menu, push the menu button, and a new option menu "Vote" will show. Tap it and you can send SMS to 9818 automatically (max 9999 SMS)
*Tested on Simpati, the reply from 9818 isn't immidiate. But you can check from the remaining balance to see it works. (Rp.1 for each SMS)


Version 0.6.1 is now available

Update 0.6.3

  • Fix settings button for device without hard button
  • Using endless list to automatic load as you scroll down
  • Add toast message when backup/restore is finished
  • fix list not refreshing after changing period

Update 0.6.1

  • Pin Protection
  • New Icon

Update 0.6.0  

  • Progress bar on startup
  • Category Details with color coded bar.
  • Category sorted by it's percentage
  • Income / Expense percentage bar will be dependent on which one has the maximum amount
  • Use Menu > setting to see your previous period (2010)


-- in coloaboration with Rhama Arya Wibawa


Version 0.9.5 is now available

Cinemator 0.9.5:

minor update

  • Bugfix
  • Added flash checker

Cinemator 0.9.4 :

  1. Added movie info like cast, director, etc
  2.  Awesome feature, since we have the info, now you can watch movie trailer from your phone. 
  3. Set automatic synch to 4 hour. So the user won't have to do manual synch when something happened at the server.

BUGFIX : now movie rating will be updated when ever synchronization happens

Cinemator Currently Doesn't Support Wifi Connection through Proxy

(if you also having problem downloading Cinemator apk (corrupt apk), make sure you're not using wifi connection through a proxy)